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I'm Freedom in Hi-Fidelity

Smiling is easily one of the hardest things to do

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you can't imagine it
unless you lookin at the canvas of life
and not through the peephole of mortality
Single minded mentality
Gettin over on loopholes
Gettin paid two-fold on technicalities

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i stretch my hands to thee,

crying, "lord, remember me."

i'm happy with my situation in life. i couldn't ask for more. i'm a complex individual which most of you will never know. i'm a leader. i'm headstrong. i'm exclusive. i'm secretive. i'm unique. i'm above average. i'm a dreamer. i'm an achiever. i'm a sagittarius. i'm a lover. i'm vain. i'm a best friend. i'm emotional. i'm intelligent. i'm confident. i'm sensual.

most importantly, i am antonio breckenridge.

i've come to a point where the second chapter of my life is beginning. my thoughts have matured into philosophies. i have chosen to direct my life on a path lined by my morals and personal creeds. i have dealt with harsh realities of merciless individuals who are nothing short of self-centered. i have come to trust only myself. i am considering a path that may take me back to my religious roots of christianity. i am more passionate than ever about the things i strive to achieve during my life: prosperity, self-realization, worldly compassion for humanity deemed less fortunate than i. i can no longer entertain individuals who strive to tear others down, who are not on a path in life, nor individuals who hide behind facades afraid to reveal their true personalities. i have grown.

like the world, shadows are always changing.

a moment can be recorded as an image for a lifetime.

will your life be an image or will you choose your life

to be a shadow - that is constantly changing?

perhaps, you will record your shadow as an image to be remembered forever,

but also to remind you of the person you once were.